Turning Clients’ Dreams into Reality

About Stuckey Builders

We’ve been building homes in Houston for over fifty years. Though we have long been committed to delivering quality and value in every home we build, the homes we’re building today are simply better than those built in the past.
Certainly, tools and workmanship have evolved, but most importantly, technological advances enable us to build homes that are more aesthetically attractive, energy efficient and structurally sound than ever before.
Kevin Stuckey is a realtor with Pinnacle Realty Advisors which has offices in major markets in Texas. We list and sell properties and assist clients in finding home sites for their new homes. In several instances, we’ve been able to assist in the acquisition of properties that were not actively on the market.
The foundations we build are designed by structural engineers. Their designs are based upon geo-technical data from each site and the architectural requirements for each home. In addition to the foundation, the frame structure is also professionally engineered. Most often, we build with “2×6” wood studs and structural steel components are often incorporated to provide the structural integrity we require.  
Most often, the exteriors of our homes are designed with brick and/or natural limestone coupled with fiber-cement based siding. While the fiber- cement siding & soffit products help achieve an attractive exterior appearance, they also provide fire protection, insect protection and durability. The paints we use are designed for our humid Gulf Coast climate. Wood rot and mildew issues associated with Houston’s mild, humid climate have been all but eliminated with proper application of the correctly specified exterior paints. 
Insulation and Mechanical Systems Design
Before installing fiberglass insulation in the exterior walls, vaulted ceilings and in the attic areas, we seal all exterior door & window openings and wall penetrations with polycell expanding foam insulation.
During the design process, the required capacities of the Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning (“HVAC”) systems are determined by mechanical engineers.  High efficiency systems and components from well established manufacturers including Trane, Lennox and Honeywell are used.
Windows and Doors
The Windows and glass exterior doors we use are insulated and designed to exceed Energy Code compliance. Depending upon the architectural style of home being built, the window and door manufacturers we use most often include Sierra Pacific, Semco, Milgard and Pella.
To achieve the appearance and quality we desire, our mahogany primary entry doors are designed and built by a custom carpentry shop in East Texas.
Practical Technology
We are firm believers in incorporating practical technological features into our homes. The challenge that arises is in managing the pace at which advancements are being made. What is “cutting edge” today may be “old school” in the near future. Therefore, we encourage the use of wireless technologies like home security, lighting, audio-visual entertainment components and energy controls that allow upgrades or replacements without having to significantly modify the wiring system in the home.
Kitchens – Indoor and Outdoor
With kitchens becoming the most heavily used room in the home, the focus is placed upon practicality and efficiency in the room design, the types of appliances that are easy to operate, compliment the “home chef’s” abilities, and available time for meal preparation, and/or entertainment. Products from industry leaders including Viking-Wolf, Sub-Zero, Jenn-Air, Thermador and many more, are all made available to our clients. Cabinetry that is designed and built specifically for the client is included in each home. In kitchen design, “one size fits all” is not applicable!
With Houston’s mild temperature ranges, we are also proponents of well ventilated (or even air conditioned) outdoor living & kitchen areas. A number of choices in outdoor grille and appliance lines are available from manufacturers like Lynx, DCS, Viking Outdoor, Alfresco and others.
Plumbing Fixtures & Tubs
There is “tried and true” description for plumbing fixtures… “You get the quality you pay for”. However, you should be careful not to over-spend in this area. In most instances, we use Altman, Hans Grohe and Rohl fixtures. Our soaking or jetted tubs are from the Victoria + Albert line. While there are certainly more expensive plumbing fixtures available, these manufactures have established track records for quality and wide selections in the products they offer.
The “Bottom Line”
The bottom line is this: better design, attention to construction detail and the incorporation of improved product technology enable us to deliver a better home for today’s homebuyer.    For many people, the idea of building their home can be overwhelming. Or maybe it’s just a long-held dream. Our job is to help simplify the process and make the dream a reality. We hope we have the opportunity to build a better home for you.
Kevin M. Stuckey